About Us

About Us

My name is Fadi Hassan, and here is my space where I dedicate all my efforts, knowledge, and time to motivate and inspire people to become successful entrepreneurs.

Briefly, I have 15 years of experience in Saudi Arabia and I hold three major degrees (fourth to come soon): 
  • BS Degree in Business: Management Information Systems (2004)
  • MS Degree in Computer Science: Networking and Communication (2006)
  • MBA Degree: Entrepreneurship and Innovation (2019)
  • MBA Degree: Entrepreneurship (estimated finish by end of 2020)

Abo Saad Blog for entrepreneurship and technology
Abo Saad

What is this Blog About? Information and Consultancy

Here, you can find articles about:  
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • Creativity at its best
    • Inspirational subjects, influencers and influence, motivation
    • Business Planning
      • Technical and operations management: for Information Technology only
      • Marketing: effective and efficient analytics for branding strategies
      • Finance: small and mid-size businesses
    • Emotional Intelligence
      • Mind and Brain Rules
      • Resonant and Resilient leadership
      • Corporate Social Responsibility
      • Self-awareness, self-management
    • Investment planning:
      • Preparing successful business plans
      • Communicating and presenting your plans to investors
      • Sales pitch
  • Technology articles
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Big Data
    • Data Analysis, Data Science, Analytics Translator
  • Other subjects
    • Book Review, Book Summary
    • Trending Articles in Google and Bing
    • Conspiracy
    • Best Inspiring Quotes

Hobbies & Interests

My hobbies and interests are like the following:
  • Hiking 
  • Swimming
  • Reading books
This is my complete LinkedIn profile, if you want to know more about me: 

Check my blog from time to time to see my latest updates, and feel free to contact me in the Contact Us page. 

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