Entrepreneur's Directory - Best Books and Subscriptions

 Entrepreneur's Directory - Best Books and Subscriptions

This article is meant to entrepreneurs in the Middle East, and precisely in Saudi Arabia. The concepts apply to all entrepreneurs but the website links used target global and local entities and institutions required to enrich the entrepreneur's spirit with necessary background and experience for their business.

Notice: This article contains affiliate links for some books from Amazon. Links are safe and direct.

At each entrepreneurial stage of your business life, you will require a set of resources to look at and follow so that you keep inspired and motivated in your career roadmap.
Those resources vary from books, online articles, blogs, and connections to monitor and track. Everyone of them is going to inspire you in its own way and you might need them consistently to innovate.

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Entrepreneur's Directory

If you are a new entrepreneur and shifting recently from employee to entrepreneur, you need a lot of fuel for inspiration, you need fuel for motivation, you need fuel for holding high your spirit after each failure, and finally, you need fuel for your energy.

Entrepreneur's Books

✔ First of all, the best inspiring book to read is for Simon Sinek: Start with Why. This is the ultimate reference for knowing your purpose and focusing on it. Every entrepreneur should know why he/she is doing business with a noble, valid, achievable, and specific reason stated in his vision statement.

✔ Together with Find Your Why, these two books for Simon Sinek consist of the base and the set of rules to define your own WHY, your own noble purpose that will help you with your life and career to achieve your goals with persistence, motivation, inspiration, and effectiveness.

How Google Works for Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Peter F. Drucker. This is a bible of entrepreneurship.

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Michael H. Morris, Donald F. Kuratko, and Jeffrey G. Govin

Innovation and Entrepreneurship for John R. Bessant and Joe Tidd

✔ Corporate Innovation: Disruptive Thinking in Organizations for Donald F. Kuratko, Michael G. Goldsby, and Jeffrey S. Hornsby

✔ Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology: A Guide to Core Models and Tools for Oswaldo Lorenzo, Peter Kawalek, and Leigh Wharton

✔ Lean Entrepreneurship: Innovation in the Modern Enterprise for George Watt and Howard Abrams

Entrepreneur's Websites and Subscriptions

For all below resources, you can use an RSS feed to watch all those websites in one place. I can recommend few feed parsers to work with. Such feeds can save tons of your time managing subscriptions in sites that you like to receive articles and inspirations from:
entrepreneur qualifications, entrepreneurs source, entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurship, entrepreneur directory, entrepreneur subscriptions, entrepreneurship books
Websites and Subscriptions

Subscribe to the following websites:

🔗 Saudi Vision 2030, your broad vision within the Kingdom, the limitations and the boundaries: https://vision2030.gov.sa/en

🔗 Entrepreneur: https://www.entrepreneur.com/

🔗 Forbes Entrepreneurs: https://www.forbes.com/entrepreneurs

🔗 Guide to doing business in Saudi Arabia, a fruitful joint resource between KSA and UK. It contains tons of useful information: http://www.saudiarabia.doingbusinessguide.co.uk/

🔗 Convert socioeconomic trends in the Middle East into business ideas:  https://www.strategyand.pwc.com/m1/en/ideation-center.html

🔗 Guide to doing business in Saudi Arabia, a fruitful joint resource between KSA and US:   https://2016.export.gov/saudiarabia/doingbusinessinsaudiarabia/index.asp

🔗 WAMDA project for entrepreneurship acceleration and exposure to thought leadership ideas and investments: https://www.wamda.com/

🔗 GOV.SA Entrepreneurship Support, check this often as a guide for who and how the government can support your activities:   https://www.my.gov.sa/wps/portal/snp/servicesDirectory/BusinessAndEntrepreneurship

🔗 Aramco Entrepreneurship Center: https://waed.net/en/home.html

🔗 King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals Entrepreneurship Institute:   https://ei.kfupm.edu.sa/

🔗 King Abdullah University for Science and Technology Innovation and Economic Development:  https://innovation.kaust.edu.sa/

🔗 Saudi Entrepreneurship: https://saudientrepreneurship.com/

🔗 Ministry of Investment, your guide to bringing foreign investors to the Kingdom and the laws, regulations, and governance of business: https://www.misa.gov.sa/en/

🔗 Endeavor network of entrepreneurs: https://endeavor.org/entrepreneurs/

🔗 STC Ventures, a private fund to support entrepreneurs in their tech initiatives:   http://stcventures.com/

🔗 Industrial Development Center in Jubail to support small projects: http://idc-rc.org/index.asp

🔗 SABIC Ventures helping innovative companies to grow: http://ventures.sabic.com/en/home

🔗 JADWA Investment for local and international economic studies: http://www.jadwa.com/en

🔗 Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) Academy:   https://www.sidf.gov.sa/en/AboutSIDF/SIDF_Academy/Pages/default.aspx

🔗 Public Investment Fund (PIF): https://www.pif.gov.sa/en/Pages/default.aspx#1

🔗 Entrepreneur Resources for Small Businesses: https://www.entrepreneur-resources.net/

🔗 For Entrepreneurs, the #2 among 100 entrepreneur's resources: https://www.forentrepreneurs.com/

🔗 About.com reference for entrepreneur's resources, how-tos, and advices:   https://www.thebalancesmb.com/entrepreneurship-4161620

🔗 Mixergy, successful CEOs share their stories: https://mixergy.com/

🔗 Both Sides of The Table platform for entrepreneurs:   https://bothsidesofthetable.com/tagged/entrepreneurship

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