What is our life purpose from a broader view?



وَمَا خَلَقْتُ الْجِنَّ وَالْإِنسَ إِلَّا لِيَعْبُدُونِ 

Holy Quran citation meaning: `I, Allah, only created Jinn and mankind except to worship Me'.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain.
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What is our life purpose?

Life Purpose: Don't Mix Religious With Materialistic Purposes! They Both Complement Each Other

Admitting that we are created to worship our creator brings us mindfulness and inner peace as it plays a major role in satisfying our sub-conscious mind that we really have a purpose in life, but it is not sufficient to motivate us for long time because we might lose our faith sometimes, for some of us, or even decrease the percentage of faith for the others. We need something spiritual or materialistic to keep us motivated: a light at the end of a scary tunnel, a supreme power motivator to challenge us and take us with our hands after each failure.

Faith in GOD is the umbrella that guides us in real-time and when we translate it to materialistic tasks which can be converted into actions that provide the humanity with positive feedback gives us a great feedback.

During my previous jobs, and in everything I used to plan or do, I used to lose focus and interest after certain time, even with noticeable achievements, just because there was no noble goals behind it.
I was working for the sake of receiving my salary at each month's end and than plan my budget month-by-month for savings, expenses, investments, and entertainment. Where is the life purpose in this routine? 404 - Cannot be found.

Now I'm almost reaching my 40's, and I'm still searching for my life purpose behind worshiping my creator with full gratitude daily when I wake up. I practice gratitude for GOD than for the people who helped me in my life, who were supporting and inspiring me, even if I don't know them. This kind of practice anchors the inner contentment in our souls (mind + heart) and increase the acceptance's hormone for any act that we might face.

What I mean by raising this 1-million-dollars question in my post's title is by knowing "how to worship my creator?" 

Life purpose: Questions to be Answered by Everyone of us:

I knew that I'm created for astonishing purposes and I raised many questions to myself during the past few years and I'm sharing them with you here:

  1. Am I going to be satisfied if I become a Sheikh or Priest? Prayers, Donations, Advises, Sacrifices all the time.
    • Personally, I cannot do it; There are dedicated people to perform such noble and big tasks, so I have to shift my attention for additional "life-ly" purposes and dedications
  2. What inspires me more? Religion, science, or what?  
    • I felt inspired a lot by religious books, says, and articles, but also, I kept an eye on life sciences which attracts me and I can dive within their boundaries. I tried to maintain the balance as much as I could so that I don't lose my focus; but still, a strategy without a vision will not lead to satisfying results
  3. What is the process of knowing my life purpose(s)? 
    • I always read Quran and dive in its beautiful meanings and wisdom, where I noticed that I need to trust in ALLAH and than think to live purposefully. Also, I learned that I have to work hard in order to get better results. From those lessons, I noticed that I have to wear two hats so that I can monitor, track and expect better daily tasks on a short and long run. The first hat is my own hat, the hat that most of us is wearing daily without knowing their purpose but motivated to know it. The second hat is the watcher's hat looking at me from above, and guiding me to do only positive things, challenging me to succeed after each failure, and to hold tight on my faith and belief that I'm made for a noble purpose much bigger than the current one
Until that day of my life, in 2019, during my MBA study, when I read the the following inspiring and lightening books: 

Note: Many, and I really mean it, many famous organizations are starting to adopt the below concept in their curriculum and I've seen it and heard it in multiple webinars and online sessions recently. 

1- Start With WHY - for Simon Sinek

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Start with WHY, Simon Sinek

In this book, Simon Sinek explains the concept of "WHY" and how to adopt it by highlighting a lot of success and failure stories in the history. The companies who had a clear "WHY" accelerated in their strategy of growth and sustained all difficulties and obstacles, simply because they knew why they were created. Knowing their "WHY", they were motivated and inspired at each step of decision making, although they didn't have any of the capabilities of a lot of others who were working on the same initiative. 

Simon dived very deep in analyzing their "WHY" by observing the pattern of thinking, acting and communicating on the individual and organizational sides, and this is to show that no matter your status is, you can create your WHY and your team's WHY to reach your targets faster, more precise and accurate, and with passion. 

From my own perspective, this book inspired and will keep inspiring a lot of individuals and organizations to better function in terms of leadership, project management, change management, and the most important, in terms of emotional intelligence applications at work.  

Every company or individual in business has a target of selling products and services; after reading this book, you will learn how to innovate in articulating the statement of convincing people to buy your products or services through the concept of "The Golden Circle". I will not ruin your curiosity by explaining this concept from my own point of view, I'd rather leave it for your imagination until you decide to click on the book's link and buy it. 

My recommendations: Entrepreneurs must read this book more than one time; the first time should take the longest but should not exceed a week. In every decision making step within your work/life balance, you can return back to this book to apply what you have learned from the inspiring innovations mentioned so that you will never lose your ability to inspire and innovate. 

2- Find Your WHY - for Simon Sinek

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Find Your WHY, Simon Sinek

You've spent one week on reading and digesting the concept of "The Golden Circle"? Still not able to find your own WHY? Now it's time to act and find your own WHY through clear practical steps. 

In this book, Simon Sinek provides you with concise and clear process of finding your WHY by going back through history and gathering stories and sharing them with your best friend or partner, than identifying themes in those stories and drafting your magical statement. 
Each step inspires your thinking and trust me, after reading each step, you will smile automatically because you will feel that the author knows you very well and knows how to extract your WHY smoothly. 

This book is full of statements that, when read carefully, will circulate a lot of questions in your mind like: "Why the hell I didn't think about that earlier?" and "Why I didn't read this book until now?"

Follow the steps, articulate your WHY, and start working on it and I'm sure we will hear about your leadership worldwide sooner or later. 

3- The Tipping Point - for Malcolm Gladwell

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The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell

One of the best thought provoking books I've ever read about business expansions, and how small and tiny things can change your life dramatically. 

The best way to understand quick emergence of trendy technologies or products/services around the globe like the the viruses do. Emergence is similar to epidemics or pandemics of Covid-19. Once it reaches the tipping point, it spreads worldwide and you cannot stop it easily. 

This book shows you how little changes can have big effects which you never intentionally planned, but it might be done by external factors. 

Multiple examples are highlighted to explain the contagiousness of such positive epidemics and will teach you how others used such concept to change their life. 

For $30 USD only, you will buy the three books and start your successful career or business, like a lot of entrepreneurs did and like me doing it right now. What are you waiting for? Will you have a better investment than this? You can buy them in multiple versions as well: Audible, Kindle, paperback and hardcover.

I highly recommend those books for all entrepreneurs planning to start their business and even for organizations who are already in business but trying to expand, grow or to change their strategy or policy.

Life purpose: What will you gain by reading those books?

  1. How to be a successful leader
  2. Follow the Golden Circle pattern of thinking and communicating effectively and efficiently in all major career or business milestones
  3. Interact with emotional intelligence within your relationships
  4. Adapt easily and quickly to change management initiatives 
  5. Go to your work fulfilled with passion because you will feel part of a bigger thing than yourself
  6. Run your own business as an entrepreneur and inspire others to create their own business
  7. Learn to hire people that believe what you believe, those are best-fit employees
  8. Find your team's WHY after finding your own
  9. Learn how to grow your business dramatically by using the concept of the tipping point

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