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Bill Gates and Elon Musk with the 5G Conspiracy

Bill Gates and Elon Musk with the 5G Conspiracy

bill gates, elon musk, 5g conspiracy, abo saad blog, covid-19, coronavirus, pandemic mystery
Covid-19 Mysterious Virus

Who is Who?

It's been more than 5 covid-19 pandemic months and we still hear or see here and there news about this weird virus who invaded the social media worldwide. People claim that it's a natural disaster accident which happened in China, others say it's a coincidence, others say it was intentionally made by US and China to create a new economic world, others claim that it is just a fever and the media escalated the issue to this level for commercial purposes. And a lot of other news spread worldwide in all languages.

Until today, nobody wants to declare its responsibility to this pandemic, nobody is willing to hold someone or some entity or country responsible or accountant for this pandemic, and also, nobody is willing to declare the pandemic's end. We heard a lot of claims but no real action was made.

Normal people like me are still wondering about few pandemic questions for the following answers:
Who is responsible for this pandemic? China, USA, both or none?
Who is responsible for spreading the horror and fear at the beginning of the pandemic?
Who is going to compensate the countries who lost millions and billions out of their economies because of the curfews?
When this pandemic will end? Will it end with a vaccine discovery or medicine? Who will benefit from the Covid-19 cure?
Where is WHO from all this blaming and claims against it?
Is it possible that a normal soap can kill a virus that invaded the world by just washing our hands for 40 seconds and avoiding direct contact with infected people?

With all these questions unanswered, our minds automatically open a space for conspiracies and believing any news related about the Covid-19 pandemic.
The most spread and close to reality conspiracy is about the freemasonry plans to control the human-kind through Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

Pandemic Adaptation

By following the latest daily Covid-19 publications, we have seen that may countries declared curfews for certain daily times and others declared complete curfews with limited and approved exceptions by their corresponding governments. 
In order to avoid complete economy shutdown, people could still buy online from restaurants and shopping stores and order delivery to their places. Few businesses raised dramatically and others closed temporarily or permanently.
People working in medical and military sectors, together with shipping agents were given exceptions to move around to maintain the health, protection and safety, and economical movement of cash flows.

Suddenly, we woke up on orders and instructions from our governments that curfew is going to end but we have to be careful when we hang out with strict instructions related to our safety.
By this order, people moved out from total shock to adaptation but everybody was careful about direct contact and social distancing. Except few who are ignorant by nature but this category does not represent the majority.

The number of infections is increasing dramatically worldwide, the number of full recoveries is also increasing in parallel, more than infections in some countries, and the number of deaths is almost maintaining a linear and smooth growth.
China claims every while that the country recovered fully from this pandemic but we hear about few infections from time to time.

Covid-19 Conspiracy Theory

bill gates, elon musk, 5g conspiracy, abo saad blog, covid-19, coronavirus, pandemic mystery
5G Conspiracy Theory

After all the above news and facts, we cannot avoid one major conspiracy theory around Bill Gates and Elon Musk, which took the biggest weight in the newspapers just because it was related to previous statements of both gentlemen, as well as milestones of their actual projects and advancements in business, everyone in his industry.

I personally purchased few conspiracy books but I'm not a real fan of conspiracy and believing things just because few or majority of people believe in it. I'm a type of person who investigates as much as possible about facts and believes in numbers and forecasts but not conspiracies.

Since this blog is about entrepreneurship and technology, and since this article is about technology, I decided to plug and play the politics with the pandemic to discover readers point of views and opinions about this specific 5G conspiracy.

The British writer, David Icke, in a broadcast TV show, that Covid-19 was prepared few years ago by the Freemasons movement to control the world using technology.
The human army to be used is composed of only few people, which are Bill Gates, Ex-Microsoft's CEO and owner of Gates Foundation, and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and other companies. Both giant companies are working in technology disruption and they are always announcing the future of technology.

As per the conspiracy, Bill Gates will be responsible to create the pandemic and Elon Musk will take care of spreading the 5G devices worldwide. The pandemic role is to terrify people and make them in need for vaccine, and this vaccine will be created by specific entity who will implant nano ships in the vaccine controlled by 5G radiations.
Basically, Bill Gates is responsible for the earth and Elon Musk is responsible for the space.

Now, how do we relate this to the reality?

Here's a speech for Bill Gates in January 22, 2017 about the countries readiness and preparation to such pandemic:


There are multiple videos also related to a potential pandemic from world known leaders and recommending action plans for preparation for country leaders but nobody responded.
Also, several movies, TV series and books showed up recently talking about exactly the same consequences of virus and some of them called the virus Corona early in 1990s.

The second part of the reality is that Elon Musk was working since long time on the SpaceX project to launch several equipment to the space in order to facilitate 5G spread and get higher internet speed and more GPS accuracy and a lot of other technology enhancements.

So, the Covid-19 pandemic was a natural response from the Freemasons movement to the ignorance of country leaders to react to the warnings, although that was long time ago before 2020.

Should we believe this conspiracy? It's up to you my dear reader.

bill gates, elon musk, 5g conspiracy, abo saad blog, covid-19, coronavirus, pandemic mystery
David Icke, Bill Gates and The Freemasons

Here's another recent speech of Bill Gates talking about the conspiracy and the future of covid-19 pandemic:

For more resources about David Icke speeches, please refer to his personal website and listen to his conspiracies about this subject:


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