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How to Earn Money from Amazon Using Splitly Tool

How to Earn Money from Amazon Using Splitly Tool


A new and interesting subject that might be a tremendous chance for you to earn a passive income which might reach thousands of dollars from the first investing month. You will invest only time here.
All what you need to do is affiliate marketing within the communities of Amazon sellers and reviewers, which are available in Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Note: You will not need to have or create an account with Amazon, just follow the steps here and you will know how to do it. I've made it easy and step-by-step to increase your chance of earning money quickly. Also, you will not pay anything from this way of earning money.

Business Model

The steps are easy and simple:

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Amazon and Splitly Tool

Go to Splitly website, I'll provide the link below, and create an account without subscription, get the affiliate link provided to you by the website, than go to Facebook Groups where Amazon sellers and reviewers hang out and shoot your advertising post including the affiliate link.

All what you need is to be smart when posting the advertisement in order to attract the audiences and convince them to click on your link.
Remember, the purpose here is to get more clicks, and for that, the attraction ways are the main part of your game. Your post shouldn't be boring or classic, you need to improvise and put in your mind always, that users will ask a question: What is in it for me? You need to show them the benefits they will have, profits they will earn, or savings they will keep when using the Splitly tool better than Splitly website.

Here, I will provide you with a lot of places where Amazon sellers hang out, so don't worry, just focus on your advertisement.

What is Splitly Tool

Splitly is an artificial intelligence tool/website that gives Amazon sellers a chance to increase their sales tremendously by three ways: 
  • Profit Peak: For each product, all what sellers need to do is enter some key information and then let Profit Peak do all of the hard work every single day. Profit Peak exploits the newly found optimum price for maximum profits.
  • Split or A/B Testing: Amazon sellers start with their original listing and make adjustments to test. They can experiment with their price, features, images, descriptions or back-end keywords. Splitly software periodically updates their product listings, rotating through their variants. Sellers sit back and let Splitlt do the hard work. Splitly pull reports directly from seller account and determine a statistically significant winner, so they can make more sales.
  • Rank Tracking: When Amazon sellers register in Splitly, their Amazon products will be imported and integrated with all features in Splitly. They than visit the products page within Splitly and select ‘Rank Tracker’ next to the product they want to start tracking keywords for. They enter your keywords and click “add”. Splitly will take care of the rest and give them useful reports like this.
How to Sign Up with Splitly
Go to Splitly website by clicking on this Link: Splitly
Use the Sign Up process by filling your personal information.
Login in to your account and click the Affiliates link there to copy your affiliate link.

Note: If one seller uses your affiliate link to register his new account on Splitly, you will have a chance to earn the same subscription amount. 

abo saad blog, amazon and splitly, amazon, how to earn money, entrepreneurship, trending topics, affiliate marketing, passive income
Splitly Tool Affiliate Link

Check below the subscriptions pricing to see how much it is attractive.

abo saad blog, amazon and splitly, amazon, how to earn money, entrepreneurship, trending topics, affiliate marketing, passive income
Splitly Subscription Packages

Note: You chance of earning money increases by using the cookies feature. That means, if a seller clicks on your affiliate link posted in your advertising, than changes his mind, a cookie file will be setup in his device for 30 days. So, if he enters Splitly website within 30 days, not by using another affiliate link, you will be able to earn money from his subscription.

Hurry up and register now in Splitly account and spread your affiliate link. Every online marketer, blogger, advertiser uses affiliate marketing today to increase his chances to earn money.

Places where Amazon sellers hang out

First, check this blog where a huge list of Amazon sellers and reviewers talk frequently, and you can sign up and register with them for free and post your affiliate link.

Here's also a list of Facebook Groups that you can ask to join, as well as check the recommended groups that are suggested by Facebook for you to join more groups.

Facebook Group 1
Facebook Group 2
Facebook Group 3
Facebook Group 4
Facebook Group 5
Facebook Group 6
Facebook Group 7
Facebook Group 8
Facebook Group 9
Facebook Group 10
Facebook Group 11
Facebook Group 12


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